Behind the scenes/trailer for All Tore Up: Texas Hot Rod Portraits

“Viewed individually, these portraits are beautifully detailed captures of the diversity of the hot rod world. But it's when you view them together that you begin to realize the complexity of George's work and the expanse of the personalities that really make up our world.
Put simply, George captures contrast in its most purest of ways and I can't help but think he is able to do it because he himself is so likeable and approachable. He's just a righteous dude.” 
The Jalopy Journal

“From Brainard's portraits, it is evident that people themselves are like living works of art, externally embellished in expression and internally rich in history and meaning.”

“Every single one of Brainard's shots has an undeniable aura of authenticity. They stop time just long enough for you to get a better look at the men, women and children who live and breathe hot rods and custom cars.”
- Rodder's Journal 

“What you will learn from the book is what Brainard learned at the car shows - that a Texas hot rod event is probably the best place in the world for people watching.
- Pro Photo Daily

“Brainard's hot rod portraits capture a sense of individualistic pride that runs deep in the culture and spans across ages, genders or stereotypes.” 
- The Houston Chronicle

George can be heard on NPR's the Texas Standard by clicking here.

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George Brainard's 'All Tore Up' book release at C-Boy's in Austin, TX    Music: "Someday Baby" by R.L. Burnside   Filmed by: Christian Bowman