The Axis of Skeeville

A few years ago I got talked into joining a competitive skeeball league. Yes, skeeball, that kid's arcade game where you roll a ball up a ramp into one of several circles. If you don't know what skeeball is click here. It started out (like so many sports) as an excuse to get together with friends and drink beer. 

We called ourselves the Axis of Skeeville and our schtick was that we were evil dictators, kind of like pro wrestling bad guys. Each Skeeson (yes I know the puns get a bit much) they set up a white sheet in the bar and took team photos. We thought we could do better and so we started making the greatest skeeball team photos of all time.

We made tiny hats and wigs for the cats (Fidel Catstro, Muammar Catdafi, and Meowsama Bin Laden). We made a tiny Mt. Rushmore of our heads out of clay. We morphed our faces into three people that don't actually exist to show team unity. We put our faces on old mugshots from my father's days in the F.B.I. Our finest moment was creating dictator portrait paintings of ourselves, framing them and hanging them in the skeeball bar where they hang today intimidating our opponents.

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